Archactive Architects - Services |

1.  Full or partial Architectural Service that includes:

    Stage 1:    

    Inception of Project: Receive and together develop the Clients’ Brief with regards to concept.

    Stage 2:   

    Concept and Viability

    Stage 3:    

    Design Development and Finalization

    Stage 4:    

    Documentation and Procurement, including

    Local Authority Drawings and Approval,

    Construction Documentation and

    Contract Documentation, Tender Processing & Appointment of Contractor

    Stage 5:    

    Contract Administration and Inspection of Works during Construction

    Stage 6:    

    Project Completion

2.  Project Co-ordination

3.  Project Management

4.  Urban Design Concepts               

5.  Liaise with Local Authorities, Town Planners and Community Stakeholders

6.  Interior Design and Procurement

7.  Interiors

8.  Model Building